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About Us

       SOPPCB Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SOPPCB) is leading professional manufacturer of PCB and PCBA since founded in 2003. Our products, including single-sided PCB boards, double-sided PCB boards, multilayer PCB boards, flexible boards, HDI PCB boards, aluminum LED boards, rigid-flex boards, carbon ink PCB boards, rogers PCB boards, heavy copper PCB boards, blind&buried vias boards and so on, are extensively used in communications, Consumer Electronics, network, industrial control, computer applications, and national defense, military, aerospace and medical fields.

       SOPPCB has its workshop of more than 8,000 square meters as well as about 500 workers in three shifts. At the same time, SOPPCB has a good and large engineering team; all of them are experienced for at least 5 years, some even for more than 10 years.

       SOPPCB offers good quality, low price and quick turn for PCB prototype and has more than 5,000 customers in over 40 countries and areas.

       SOPPCB have enhanced out companys guiding principles, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, with deep commitments to R&D, continuous improvements in customer service, and maintaining world-class industry accreditations. We want to ensure that we can satisfy our customer needs/requirements now and in the future.

       SOPPCB wants to make SOPPCB as worldwide brandname and forms win-win cooperation with your esteemed company. If any enquires, welcome to send your geber files and/or BOM list to sales@soppcb.com for quotation; If any engineering questions, welcome to send to soppcbtech@gmail.com for answer. All quotations or answers will be solved within 24 hours in working days.


       Welcome to visit SOPPCB!        



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