1> IPC-ESD-2020: United Standard, developed by electrostatic discharge control programme, includes all the necessary design, establishment, installation and maintenance of electrostatic discharge programme. According to the history experience of some military and commercial organization, provide guidance of solution and protection during sensitive period of electrostatic discharge.

2> IPC-AC-62A: Handbook of water clearing after assembly, describe composition of residue and remains, type and feature of cleanser, process of clearing, related equipment and technology, quality control, environment control and employee safety, method of verify the level of clearness and charge of clearing.

3> IPC-DRM-4 9 0E: Evaluation Reference Manual of THROUGH-HOLE soldering point. Describe the components, hole-wall and soldering PAD coverage specification according to the standard in details. Except that, also include the 3D drawing created by computer, include tin filled, contact lead, contact tin, vertical filled and solder PAD cover and lots of soldering points defects.

4> IPC-TA-722: Appraisal Handbook of soldering technology. 45 articles refer to each aspect of soldering technology, content refers to normal soldering, soldering material, manual soldering, soldering in big volume, wave soldering, reflow soldering, vapor phase soldering and infrared soldering.

5> IPC-7525: Template Design Directory. Provide guidelines for design and manufacture of stencil used as template of solder and surface mount bonder, also discuss template design for the application of surface mount technology, introduce hybrid-technology of thru-hole and upside-down chip mounting, include overprint, mackle and stagewise template design.

6> IPC/EIA J-STD-004: Requirement Specification of Flux, include the qualification and category of colophony, resin, Classify organic and Inorganic flux according to the amount of halide and activation level; also include the usage of flux, material which contain flux and no-residue flux when apply in the no-clean process.

7> IPC/EIA J-STD-005: Soldering Paste Specification, list characters of soldering paste and qualification requirement, also include testing method and metal content standard, as well as stickiness, roughness, solder ball, glutinosity, and wetting capability of solder paste.






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