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Pick and place assembly

Measuring a caring attitude isn't easy. People usually recognise one when they encounter it. At Gemini, you'll encounter it at every turn. Our ultimate challenge is to successfully anticipate the needs of our customers and innovative technologies - both current and future. One aspect of this is our continued investment in modern SMT machinery. The other is at the human level of the service and support we provide.

At Gemini, we are proud to be able to serve and support our individual customers. In the high-mix sector, top speed is significant but what matters is SMT flexibility. At Gemini, we've invested in ultra-modern capital equipment including MYDATA pick and place machinery and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to offer a truly flexible CEM solution.

CEM Services provided:

  • Complex mixed technology PCB assembly
  • Electro mechanical assembly, wiring and box build
  • Functional, ICT & AOI test services
  • Rapid prototype to medium batch production
  • JIT, KAN-BAN, Demand & scheduled contracts
  • Global supply chain and logistics
  • Value Added Services: Design, bare card manufacture, NPI/EOL

Gemini continually invest in both key manufacturing equipment and technical staff to produce a range of products across the complex, high mix market.

  • MYDATA flexible & fast SMT lines (MY12 & MY9)
  • BTU 7 zone reflow ovens 'Lead free'
  • Automated solder paste application
  • ERSA IR650 BGA rework station
  • X-TEK X-ray & ERSAscope inspection (opposite)
  • ERSA wave solder process 'Lead Free' (below)
  • Automatic Optical Inspection line (AOI)
  • Aqueous/IONIC board cleaning line
  • Dedicated product engineers
  • MRP material planning

Added Value Manufacturing

  • Technology solutions provider
  • AOI inspection techniques across all product's
  • ICT/Functional test department
  • PCB design/PCB manufacture (both in-house)
  • Packaging design
  • Cable assembly/box build
  • Warehouse & logistics
  • MRP based material management
  • Global supply partners
  • Open book contracts
  • Repair & service/warranty contracts

We conduct Automatic inspection on all products to ensure the conformance of the manufacturing process. PCB assemblies are checked with high precision optics - for common defects such as solder bridge, open joints, missing parts, aligned component. From first off to full batch optical inspection is both fast and effective, removing the uncertainty associated with the manual inspection process.

The inclusion of such inspection allows 100% of the PBA to be checked, back to the client's BOM. All our assemblies are released to recognised IPC standards.

Product conformance & technical support

We have a dedicated team of engineers to perform functional test onto turnkey products. We utilise client supplied equipment our incorporate our own knowledge to design and manufacture a functional test jig. All our test engineers are qualified to fault find to component level.

  • Fault finding, Diagnose & Fix
  • Test jig design & manufacture
  • Wide range of test equipment
  • Test logs/In-depth fault report analysis
  • Device programming
  • RTB for service and equipment upgrades




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