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Global PCB Market to Reach $76.2 Billion by 2015

As ubiquitous components that act as the foundation of any electronic equipment/gadget, PCBs have over the years evolved from uncomplicated single and double-sided plated-through-hole (PTH) to multi-layered PCBs. The rapid growth of the electronics industry worldwide over the last two decades fuelled the growth of PCBs.

However, the recent economic slowdown has dramatically tightened the global production of electronics, leading to a contraction in PCB industry. This is primarily because the fortunes of the PCB industry is closely tied to the health of telecommunications and IT, smart cards, electronic gaming and consumer goods, such as digital cameras, mobile phones and personal computer electronics, among others.

Despite being at the receiving end of the economic slowdown, the printed circuit boards market still projects a positive outlook for the next few years. One of the primary factors driving this optimism within the industry is the demand from automotive electronics segment, which continues to generate substantial portion of revenue for printed circuit boards. Electronic components account for a considerable portion of the overall value of materials consumed in the production of cars. With this percentage slated to increase further in the near future, the stage is well set for robust growth in the PCB market over the next few years.

Printed Circuit Boards: A Global Strategic Business Report 
Japan and Asia-Pacific collectively account for a major share of the worldwide printed circuit boards market, as stated by the new market research report on PCBs market. Asian countries such as India, China, as well as Southeast Asian countries, are central to the growth of the PCB industry. A key reason attributed to the growing significance of these countries is the rapid expansion of electronic manufacturing bases triggered by the shifting of production activities and facilities of overseas players into these countries to leverage lower labor and manufacturing cost benefits. Production facilities will gain additional thrust in these regions within the next few years. Additionally, centralization of electronic equipment assembly in India, China as well as Southeast Asia will facilitate creation of market opportunities for PCBs.

Key players in the marketplace include Amphenol Corporation, Bulova Technologies Group, BT Manufacturing Company, LLC, CMK Corporation, DDi Corp, Coretec Inc, Firan Technology Group, Fujikura Ltd., Ibiden Co. Ltd., KB PCB Technology Co. Ltd., Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd., Merix Corporation, Nanya PCB, Nippon Mektron Ltd., Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd., Shinko Electric Industries Co. Ltd, Sanmina-SCI Corporation, TTM Technologies, Inc, Tripod Technology Corporation and Unimicron Technology Corporation.



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