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Current Situation of Chinese PCB Market

Form the appearance of the concept of printed circuit to the small-scale production of PCB, now, PCB has become a global industry with decades of development. Printed circuit is making further development and its industrial chain includes PCB, CCL, special equipment for production line, raw material and auxiliary material, SMT, EMS, etc.

As the supporting industry of PCB industry, the scale and technical level of PCB equipment and its auxiliary material are closely related with PCB industry and will finally be affected by the need of terminal electronic system product. The global financial crisis leads to the large decrease of electronic market and also affects PCB industry and its supporting industry. Fortunately, the global need is recovering and especially in China. With the recovery of finance and the financial policies, PCB supporting industry will receive a new development opportunity.

The Scale and Growth Rate of Electronic System Products have Recovered
The terminal application market of PCB, such as computer, telecommunication, CE, automobile, industry, medical, military, aviation and semiconductor assembly, can be generally called electronic system product. According to the statistics from Prismark, from 2006 to 2010, the output value of global electronic system products has increased from 1443 billion to 1738 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 3.8% and from 2006 to 2008, the compound annual growth rate is 5.9%.

According to the prediction of Prismark, in 2011, the output value of the global electronic system product will increase 5.8% and reach 1839 billion, and to 2015, the output value will reach 2319 billion. In these five years, the compound annual growth rate is 5.9% which is the same as the one from 2006 to 2008 before the financial crisis.

PCB Industry has Recovered and is Growing Fast in China
PCB industry is one of the most important segmented industries of electronic information industry. From 2006 to 2008, the annual average compound growth rate of global PCB output value is 5.9%. In 2009, being influenced by the financial crisis, the global PCB output value has decreased by 14.5% compared with 2008. From 2006 to 2010, the annual average compound growth rate is only 2.5%. In 2010, with the strong recovery of the PCB demand, the global PCB output value has increased by 23.6% and has reached to 51 billion which is better than the one before the financial crisis.

According to Prismark, in 2011, the growth rate of global PCB output value will reach 7.0% and the output value can reach 54.6 billion dollars. From 2011 to 2015, the growth rate of the global PCB will keep at 6.5%, and in 2015, the output value is expected to reach 69.8 billion dollars.

Asia, America and Europe are the main production area of PCB, and Asia covers over 80% of the global output. More specifically, Japan, as the great power of electronic industry, its PCB output takes 20% of the global output in the past five years.

During the process of becoming a large electronic product manufacturer, China is attracting the global PCB productivity. According to the statistics of CPCA, not only the domestic investment PCB manufacturing enterprise is expanding the productivity and the foreign-owned enterprise is transferring to China. From 2006, China has gone beyond Japan and become the largest PCB manufacturer all over the world. China is the fastest growing and the largest PCB output area and has become the main power to promote the development of PCB industry. According to Prismark, in 2010, the annual average compound growth rate of the PCB in Chinese mainland has reached 9.6% which is much higher than the global level of 2.5%. In the second half year of 2008, affected by the global financial crisis, the foreign market demand of PBC has decreased and our country's PCB industry has also been affected. With the recovery of the foreign demand and the domestic economic stimulation, our PCB market demand has increased by 29.8%. It is expected that till 2015, the PCB output value of Chinese mainland can reach 30.9 billion dollars and its global rate will increase to 44.3%.

At present, Chinese mainland has gradually formed the PCB industrial areas focusing on Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. According to CPCA, in 2010, Chinese mainland has approximately 1500 PCB manufacturers, and 52% of them are located in Pearl River Delta and 38% in Yangtze River Delta. However, the truth is that although China is a large PCB manufacturer, China's PCB industry is large but not strong because of the incomplete industrial chain. The PCB output and the manufacturer of China is the largest all over the world, but the development of the related key supporting industries is still inadequate, such as the necessary equipment, facilities, supplementary material, etc. Although The low and middle-end equipment can replace the introduced ones, some high-end equipment and testing instrument, such as machine drill, laser drill, optic testing equipment, etc and the main materials for PCB production have been monopolized by the foreign countries. As a result, enhancing the development of PCB supporting industry will be the focus of Chinese PCB industry.



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