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The solution instance Amber for fog acid copper


Copper slot fog, we can exclude the possibility of overdose of MU and B agents, the situation is much better after the big deal, but it can not cover off the fog in these couple days, and the more obvious the fog is the longer nickel-plated,once a good-plated copper piece on the potassium dichromate in the wash, after activation to the nickel in white mist can be built out of low areas on the coating, but not bright, no light, low-area Hall Cao serious hit film white mist, high-brightness area is poor, high temperature treatment effect is not obvious, and a light coating on the whole are slow.

Solution ways

1Light dose offset

Dose is too high

Imbalance agent may be light, what with a small amount of activated carbon adsorption, or you continue to do two specimens without light agent, general agent A consumption to be bigger, hit the third time in the test piece to see, is that which less than, plus hydrogen peroxide, activated carbon filter to clean and bath, plus temperature to 70 degrees, electrolytic processing hours, until when the coating even after electrolysis, electrolysis can be alternating current size, then add the normal ratio of light agent. General lack of chloride ions when the color will be darker bright.

2Oil Plus sodium lauryl sulfate, add toner to mix a clean filter

3As we all know, MN-based bright acid copper plating bath to be used include chlorine ion, including five to six kinds of brightener. The proper ratio, the brightness of the coating, leveling of the excellent high temperature characteristics of a good bath; but serious imbalance, its processing requires some experience and simulation tools.

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