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The optimistic outlook of PCB using for mobile phone in the third quarter

It is understood that mobile phone brands plants in response to the second half of the season competition in the market, have introduced several new products to attract consumers' attention, including Apple, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and the Korean plant, LG, etc. there are new products appear in the third quarter.

With a large number of new products released, PCB for mobile phone have optimistic outlook, especially in the high-density interconnect (HDI) the most attention.

The fpc also began shipping recently warming, in addition to smart phones, including tablet PCs, digital cameras, have become the main growth driving the demand for power operation.

From the overall environment of view, PCB industry needs order gradually turned hot, and one of the key raw materials, lower prices of copper foil substrate, making the PCB manufacturers already have the inherent advantages of the product spreads.

Industry's performance from the second observation, which NB (notebook computer) market conditions gradually improved, with the wave of advance of the pull back to school goods, shipping companies become more active, but the effect of making the NB board for the third quarter of the price adjustment is expected shipment growth rate less than the NB plant; photovoltaic panels shipped slightly warming; only mobile mill is expected to be significant growth.

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