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PCB Glossary-4


Computer Aided Design.



Computer Aided Manufacturing.


CAM Files

The files used for manufacturing PCB including Gerber file, NC Drill file and Assembly Drawings.



The property of a system of conductors and dielectrics that allows the storage of electricity when a potential difference exists between the conductors.



A chemical that is used to initiate the reaction or increase the speed of the reaction between a resin and a curing agent.


Center to Center Spacing

The nominal distance between the centers of adjacent features on any single layer of a printed board, e.g.; gold fingers and surface mounts.


Ceramic Ball Grid Array (CBGA)

A ball grid array package with a ceramic substrate.



A broken corner to eliminate an otherwise sharp edge.


Check Plots

Pen plots, or plotted film, that are suitable for checking and for design approval by customers.



the individual circuit or component of a silicon wafer, the leadless form of an electronic component.


Chip Scale Packaging

A method of using integrated circuits (chips) without encapsulating them in epoxy, thereby utilizing less space on the circuit board.


Chip-on-Board (COB)

A configuration in which a chip is directly attached to a printed circuit board or substrate by solder or conductive adhesives.



A number of electrical elements and devices that have been interconnected to perform a desired electrical function.


Circuitry Layer

A layer of a printed board containing conductors, including ground and voltage planes.



A copper object on a printed circuit board. Specifying certain text items for a board to be "in clad," means that the text should be made of copper, not silkscreen.


Clearance Hole

A hole in the conductive pattern that is larger than, and coaxial with a hole in the base material of a printed board.


CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

A system that utilizes a computer and software as the primary numerical control technique.



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