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PCB Glossary-6

Date Code

Marking of products to indicate their date of manufacture. ACI standard is WWYY(weekweekyearyear)



The theoretically-exact point, axis or plane that is the origin from which the location of geometric characteristics of features of a part are established.



Process of removing burrs after PCB drilling.



A graphic software representation of a component, so named because hand tape-up of printed circuit boards employed the use of pull-off and paste decals to represent components. Also called a part, footprint or package . On a manufactured board the body of a footprint is an epoxy-ink outline.



Any nonconformance to specified requirements by a unit or product.



The fidelity of reproduction of pattern edges, especially in a printed circuit relative to the original master pattern.



A separation between any of the layers of the base of laminate or between the laminate and the metal cladding originating from or extending to the edges of a hole or edge of board.


Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

The front-end process for electronic products which focuses on minimizing the cost, complexity, defects and production time of the product-specific volume manufacturing process.



Any type of electrical component on a PC board. It will have functions and properties unique to its type. In a schematic (and the extracted BOM ) , it will be labeled with a value or device number. There are two main classes of devices, passive and active.



A condition that results when molten solder has coated a surface and then receded, leaving irregularly shaped mounds separated by areas covered with a thin solder film and with the base material not exposed.


DFSM---Dry Film Solder Mask.



Integrated circuit chip as diced or cut from a finished wafer.



An insulating medium between conductors.


Dimensional Stability

A measure of the dimensional change of a material that is caused by factors such as temperature changes, humidity changes, chemical treatment, and stress exposure.


Dimensioned Hole

A hole in a printed board whose location is determined by physical dimensions or coordinate values that do not necessarily coincide with the stated grid.



Dual in-line package with two rows of leads from the base in standard spacing between the leads and row. DIP is a through-hole mounting package.


Double-Sided Assembly

PCB assembly with components on both sides of the substrate.


Double-Sided Board

A printed board with a conductive pattern on both sides.


Dry-Film Solder Mask

Coating material (dry-film resist) applied to the printed circuit board via a lamination process to protect the board from solder or plating.


Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM)

Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) is the most commonly used type of volatile memory for the main memory in computing devices.



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