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PCB Glossary-7

ECL Emitter Coupled Logic

A type of unsaturated logic performed by emitter-coupled transistors.  Higher speeds may be achieved with ECL than are obtainable with standard logic circuits. ECL is costly, power hungry, and difficult to use, but it is four times faster than TTL.  


Edge Clearance

The smallest distance from any conductors or components to the edge of the PCB.


Edge Connector

A connector on the circuit-board edge in the form of gold plated pads or lines of coated holes used to connect other circuit board or electronic device.


Electroless Copper

A thin layer of copper deposited on the plastic or metallic surface of a PCB from an autocatalytic plating solution (without the application of electrical current).


Electroless Deposition

The chemical coating of a conductive material onto a base material surface by reduction of metal ions in a chemical solution without using electrodes compared to electroplating.


Electronic Component

A part of the printed circuit board, such as resistor, capacitor, transistor, etc.



The electro deposition of an adherent metal coating on a conductive object. The object to be plated is placed in an electrolyte and connected to one terminal of a D.C. voltage source. The metal to be deposited is similarly immersed and connected to the other terminal.



The high-precision, close-tolerance housings which encase electronics products and assemblies. Typically constructed from various metals and plastics, enclosures are an integral part of electronics products and are critical for protection, environmental control, interconnection, compactness and multi-unit integration.


Environmental Stress Screening

Environmental Stress Screening is a process for the detection of early life defects in which components or assemblies are tested at the temperature and voltage extremes of their normal operating conditions for extended periods.



A family of thermosetting resins used in the packaging of semiconductor devices. Epoxies form a chemical bond to many metal surfaces.


Epoxy Smear

Epoxy resin which has been deposited on edges of copper in holes during drilling either as uniform coating or in scattered patches. It is undesirable because it can electrically isolate the conductive layers from the plated-through-hole interconnections.



Electro-statically applied Solder Resist.



The controlled removal by a chemical process, to a specific depth, of nonmetallic materials from the sidewalls of holes in order to remove resin smear and to expose additional internal conductor surfaces.



The chemical, or chemical and electrolytic, removal of unwanted portions of conductive or resistive material.




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