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PCB Glossary-8




Fabrication drawing

A drawing used to aid the construction of a printed board. It shows all of the locations of the holes to be drilled, their sizes and tolerances, dimensions of the board edges, and notes on the materials and methods to be used. Called "fab drawing" for short. It relates the board edge to at least on hole location as a reference point so that the NC Drill file can be properly lined up.


Fiducial Mark

A printed board feature (or features) that is created in the same process as the conductive pattern and that provides a common measurable point for component mounting with respect to a land pattern or land patterns.


Fine Pitch

Fine pitch is more commonly referred to surface-mount components with a lead pitch of 25 mils or less.



A gold-plated terminal of a card-edge connector. Also see Gold Finger.



Flash is a densely packable, relatively inexpensive type of nonvolatile memory, which can be modified electrically, often while in a circuit. Flash architecture generally assumes that it will be read often but seldom written to.


Flex Circuit Assembly

Flex Circuit Assembly is an advanced process of attaching electrical components to a flexible circuit. Flex circuits are utilized in compact devices with mobile mechanical assemblies such as wireless devices and data storage systems.


Flip Chips

Flip Chips are structures that house circuits interconnected face down directly to the substrate with solder bumpers without leads, and are utilized to minimize printed circuit board surface area when compact packaging is required.



The material used to remove oxides from metal surfaces and enable wetting of the metal with solder.


Flying Probe

A type of bare board electrical test machine that uses probes on the ends of mechanical arms to locate and touch the pads on the board. The probes move quickly across the board verifying continuity of each net as well as resistance to adjacent nets.



geometry of pads for soldering certain electronic component.



A paper material with a phenolic resin binder. FR-1 has a TG of about 130C.



A paper material that is similar to FR-2 - except that an epoxy resin is used instead of phenolic resin as a binder. Used mainly in Europe.



The UL-designated rating for a laminate composed of glass and epoxy that meets a specific standard for flammability. FR-4 is the most common dielectric material used in the construction of PCBs.


Functional Test

The electrical testing of an assembled electronic device with simulated function generated by the test hardware and software.




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